Unlimited CL accounts with one email

Hello fellow blackhatters.

Are you tired of creating numerous email accounts in order to make Craigslist accounts? Well i may have something that will end this time consuming task.

It’s called the gmail trick. I know most of you already know it but not everyone does.

What is the gmail trick? Here’s an exemple

[email protected]

Let’s say this is the email i am using at the moment for craigslist.
the gmail trick consists in adding . (dots) anywhere in the email.

from [email protected]
to [email protected]

For gmail: both these emails are the same, you will receive the messages sent to both emails in the same inbox. ( your »normal» one )

For CL: these are two different emails,hence allowing you to use the same email to create multiple accounts

How many CL accounts can you make with one gmail account?

It will depend on the amount of characters your email contains,
in my example it would produce :

2^(13-1) = 4096 email possibilities
This is only from a 13 character email.

Generating all these possibilities

A friend of mine made a very simple program that automatically generates every single possible dot variations for a given email address and creates a text file that contains them.

You will find it attached to this post.

I hope this will save you time, and I’m glad to give back to this great community however small my contribution is .

If you have any questions , ask me

Have a nice day,


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