Useful links for every web designer

This list of links is a collection of useful tidbits, be they icons, fonts or online applications which make my life as a web site designer a whole lot easier. These are links which every web designer should be aware of.

FAMFAMFAM Silk Iconset — A wonderful set of over 700 icons to be used on your web sites. There’s literally an icon for every occasion here.

Pinvoke — Pinvoke also produce a lovely iconset containing over 400 icons. They also distribute some fantastic, free pixel fonts.

Tripoli — Tripoli is a stable, cross browser rendering foundation which forms a fantastic starting point for all web design projects. It creates a standard css and xhtml file which performs as consistently as possible across all modern browsers.

Colour Schemer Online — This colour schemer is a useful tool. Simply add a main parent colour to the swatch on the left and generate a palette of compatible colours. This can be especially useful if you’re struggling to find that perfect match of colours.

FontShop Free Fonts — This is a page featuring a freebie font offered by the FontShop. While there is only one font here, that font is changed and rotated fairly regularly and is generally a font of high quality, unlike a lot of free font offerings on the web. Well worth checking back regularly.

TypeTester — We all know about typetester, right? It’s an online app which allows you to preview different fonts rendered in css with all the different font style properties available. Useful for selecting font styles before designing a page.

CSS Type Test — Similar to TypeTester. My personal choice of type testing app.

AJAXRain — When used properly and intuitively, AJAX is pretty damn cool. AJAXRain is a directory of various different AJAX scripts, all located in one place and well organised.

Attackr — A good read, Attackrs articles are written by blogging designers all over the world who produce both interesting and informative articles.

CSS Play — Another one we all know about. A great resource of all kinds of different useful and experimental CSS techniques.

Google Analytics — Hugely popular, Google Analytics allows you to keep track of visitors to your site, and all kinds of information about them; where they come from, what browser they are using, which web site referred them etc etc etc. Very in-depth traffic analysis application.

GoPlan — GoPlan is a project tracking application which allows you to efficiently keep on top of all your current projects. It offers file hosting, chat rooms, calendars and all kinds of other useful features for you and your client. I prefer GoPlan to Basecamp as I get more for my bucks, and can pay with PayPal.

And there you have it. I hope you enjoyed my list of uber useful linkage!

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