Demystifying the Digital Revolution: An in-Depth Exploration of Cryptocurrency


Introduction The financial landscape is undergoing a paradigm shift, propelled by the emergence of a groundbreaking innovation: cryptocurrency. Beyond mere digital tokens, these assets challenge traditional notions of money, paving the way for a decentralized, secure, and accessible financial system. But with its complexity and ever-evolving nature, navigating the world of cryptocurrency can feel daunting. … Read more

How To Install Apache, MariaDB, PHP, and phpMyAdmin in Ubuntu 18.04

In this article, we will learn to install Apache, MariaDB, PHP, and PHPMyAdmin in Ubuntu 18.04 server. Apache, MySQL/MariaDB, and PHP are composed of packages. It is known as LAMP and installs on the Linux system environment. Prerequisite: 1. Keep the server up-to-date: # apt update -y # apt upgrade -y 2. Install Apache webserver … Read more

How to add site to Bing News

The Bing News PubHub service is no longer accessible. You now have the option to present your news website to Bing by using Bing Webmaster Tools. To proceed with submitting your news website to Bing, kindly adhere to the following steps: Please note that Bing will review your website, and it might take up to … Read more

Email Checker: How to Verify Email Addresses Quickly and Easily

Email verification is an important step in ensuring that your business communications are sent to the right people. By verifying email addresses, you can ensure that your emails are being sent to real people who will actually engage with your content. Additionally, verifying email addresses helps to protect your organization from malicious actors, such as … Read more